Happy Days Hotel is an American built, owned & operated family business.  Our goal is to make sure that you WANT to come back-again & again!  We are very involved in the hotel, which is what makes us different from all the rest.  Many people ask how we selected the theme & we like to tell them that we grew up in that era and what a "hit" it turned out to be..."the good ole'days"...Happy Days!  People of all ages love it and remember what good times and great music they really had.

Our hotel is for the young and young at heart!!!

We look forward to seeing you soon!!
Larry Bernhardt
A sad side note:

Mrs. Beth went home to the Lord the end of January 2015.  We all greatly miss her smiling face and those "all knowing" big brown eyes.  She took each one in to a special place in her heart and melted herself into ours as well.

We would like to thank everyone who has become a part of the Happy Days family and helped to supply MANY wonderful years for this very special lady!

She will forever live on at Happy Days Hotel!!!
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We were very happily married for 48 blessed years.  Beth had been sick many of those years.  She was a very strong lady who never wanted to be treated like she was sick...right up to the end.  In January 2015, Beth went to be with the Lord, after about a year of steadily declining health.  The last 3 months were spent at OU Medical Center in OKC.  During this time we talked about a lot of things.  She told me that she didn't want me to be alone & that I'd need to move on when she was gone.  At that time, I just couldn't imagine spending time with someone else.

After Beth passed away, I had a rough time being alone.  I had been with her since our early 20's.  In my loneliness, I realized that being married to Beth was such a blessing and so enjoyable, that I didn't want to be alone.  She made being married & having a constant companion so good.
We'd like to share a bit about us...
With all of this history behind us and so much of the future to look forward to, we'd like everyone to know the same friendly, family customer service that has always accompanied the Bernhardt family is still a common thing here.  We have the same goals and standards as we always have &  we are still very active in the daily functions of these American built, owned & operated businesses.

We want every guest at every business to feel welcome.  We want every one to want to return again & again, this is what has kept us in business for 15 plus years.

Thank you to every one who has helped make this a success & all those to come.

Larry Bernhardt & staff